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Statement of Work (Document Template)

Prepared for: Customer name
Prepared by: Firstname, Lastname, Company name

Effective Date: September 21, 2022
Document Owner: Insert company name

Table of contents

1. Overview

1.1 Statement of Work - Ref:[Document number]

THIS STATEMENT OF WORK (“SOW”) is entered into by and between [Client company] No. [Sender incorporation or company number] and [Sender company] no. [Client incorporation or company number] (“Service provider”) pursuant to the parties’ [Master agreement] dated [Document date] .

1.2 Description of services and/or deliverables

Service Provider will provide [Job roll Or Function resource] for [Service description] in support of the [Project or Department name] . The period of performance is outlined in the Term/Schedule section below.

1.3 Term (Schedule)

One [Job roll Or Function] resource will perform work as outlined below:

Functional role

Estimated start date


Job role, function and/ or level of resource


[No. of weeks]

[Client Firstname / Lastname] may extend the period of performance upon two weeks advance notification in writing. In the case of an extension request to the period of performance, Service Provider may have to substitute the engagement of assigned personnel with another candidate with similar qualifications if the assigned personnel is unavailable. In such an event, [Client Firstname / Lastname] will have the ability to interview the candidate prior to placement.

Cancellation of the period of performance by [Client Firstname / Lastname] will result in all fees still being due for the execution of the project. These fees may be waived at the discretion of the Service Provider.

2. Deliverables

The Designer will be available to perform design services, such as:

  • Develop Design Plans that will direct the overall content and approach for the project
  • Provide design input to the [Client Firstname / Lastname] project manager to help develop efficient work processes and schedules
  • Work with the business owners and subject matter experts to develop content for training programs
  • Develop design prototypes and templates which can be implemented by other designers
  • Review materials developed by other designers to ensure consistent standards and approaches
  • Participate in design planning and review meetings
  • Develop reusable design strategies and templates that can be applied to programs across the organization
  • Provide input for post-training tracking and evaluation

3. Assumptions

  • The [Client Firstname / Lastname] primary contact will work with the Service Provider [Sender Project manager] to identify priorities, assign tasks and develop work estimates to ensure that the hours are applied appropriately.
  • Service Provider will invoice for actual [Hours or Days] expended per month.
  • Additional staff will be contracted separately on a project-by-project basis.
  • All materials developed under this SOW are the property of [Client Firstname / Lastname]. This does not include materials and intelectual property (IP) that has previously been developed by the Service Provider.
  • Travel cost (if any) will be billed to [Client Firstname / Lastname] at cost. Other Direct Costs (ODCs) will be invoiced at cost plus administrative burden.
  • Service Provider [Staff or job roll] will be available to work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

4. Price and payment schedule

The total Time and Materials (T&M) maximum amount or “not to exceed” (NTE) amount is [Amount] plus pre-approved travel expenses and ODCs. The below table lists the labor categories, rates, and estimates used to calculate the T&M costs for the effort.

[Alternatively the pricing model may be a fees at risk model. This is where you put a percentage of the total invoiceable fees at stake (excluding expenses and lodging etc) pending the successful delivery of the clients projected benefits, which should also be defined within this document.]

Line No.






[Line item name]





[Line item name]





[Line item name]




All travel, lodging, and entertainment expenses must be pre-approved by [Client Firstname / Lastname] by [expenses process] and will be in addition to the above-stated NTE amount. At its option, [Client Firstname / Lastname] or an appointed proxy will book all travel and related expenses. Service Provider’s rates and prices do not include applicable sales taxes , and if such tax is applicable, it will be invoiced as a separate line item.

[Alternatively the client may wish your employees to agree to the clients expenses policy].

5. Invoice Schedule

Service Provider will invoice [Client Firstname / Lastname] on a monthly basis for actual hours expended.

Invoices paid within 30 days of issue will accrue a 5% discount on the total fee due for that invoicing period.

In addition to the above, ODCs and pre-approved travel expenses will be billed as incurred. Invoices shall be sent electronically to the following address or email address:

[Client Finance Role [email protected]]

6. Agreed and Accepted

On behalf of: [Sender company]

On behalf of: [Client company]

Signed by: [Sender Representative Signature]

Signed by: [Client Representative Signature]

Name: [sender Firstname and Lastname]

Name: [Client Firstname and Lastname]

Position: [Sender Job Title]

Position: [Client Job Title]

Date: 21-09-2022

Date: 23-09-2022

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